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Create, enhance and sustain meaningful partnerships.


Adopt-A-School is an initiative of Discover Manufacturing that looks to promote careers in West Michigan's manufacturing industry by establishing partnerships between employers and students of all ages.

This program is designed to mutually benefit local businesses and their surrounding schools as they:

  • Create rewarding and sustainable partnerships.

  • Strengthen the impact of school initiatives.

  • Develop familiarity between students, families, and employers.

  • Generate a pipeline of future manufacturers within our communities.



Educators, counselors, and students looking for local manufacturing partners for career exploration opportunities, company tours, internships, etc., your first move begins here

Finding a local manufacturer is easy with this interactive map of manufacturers throughout West Michigan. This map allows you to filter by proximity and specific types of manufacturing. 

Once you have identified a few local manufacturers of interest, Adopt-A-School recommends reaching out to them with your proposed partnership. If the manufacturer expresses reservations, please let them know Discover Manufacturing and a fellow local manufacturer are ready to provide guidance and ideas to make the partnership a success. 

Raising Hands

The possibilities are endless


No matter your previous level of engagement, having fresh ideas to bring your business closer to local schools is important. The Engagement Opportunity Matrix is designed to help manufacturers consider what is a suitable engagement level.

Here's a collection of partnership ideas collected from West Michigan schools and businesses.

Partnership Ideas


We share a common goal of connecting neighborhood schools with local businesses and expanding

manufacturing talent. Please share your feedback and/or success stories with us.


Additionally, if you have any questions, please let us know. 

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Thank you. We'll get back to you soon!

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