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ترلاسه کړئ او زده کړئ لارښود

ترلاسه کړئ او زده کړئ لارښود

د ترلاسه کولو او زده کړې لارښود اوس مهال تر کار لاندې دی او ډیر ژر به په ژوندۍ بڼه خپور شي. دا پاڼه به د زده کونکو، والدینو او ښوونکو لپاره د یوې سرچینې په توګه ډیزاین شي ترڅو د تولید فرصتونه وپلټي او د زده کونکو د زده کړې د لا پراختیا لپاره د احتمالي سرچینو سره وصل کړي.

درخواست وکړئ چې دلته په لارښود کې ځای په ځای شي.


  • الف- زده کړه

  • زه - انټرنشپ

  • ج - د دندې سیوري یا لارښود

  • - سکالرشیپ

  • - د اوړي استخدام

  • - Scholarship

  • - Summer Employment

  • - Tuition Reimbursement

logo_bradford_white_water_heaters (12) (002).png


Bradford White Corporation is a team of American-owned companies that produce water heating, space heating, combination heating and storage solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Our dedicated and talented craftspeople create products that are known for performance, reliability, energy-efficiency, ease of installation and innovative design.  



د شرکت 1-2 جملې توضیحات



We are a global supplier of automotive components produced using the deep draw metal stamping process. Most of our parts go into fuel and airbag systems, sensor components, and decorative trim.



MillerKnoll is creating positive impact, from making spaces that help us live and work better to lifting our local and global communities. 


NN Inc.


We are a manufacturing solutions partner, providing high-precision metal and plastic components and assemblies to OEM customers globally.

PLascore logo.png


Plascore, Inc. is a global manufacturer of honeycomb core, honeycomb panels, composite structures and cleanrooms. Plascore honeycomb core is specified wherever high strength to-weight ratio, energy absorption or directional qualities are desired.



We are an advanced engineering and manufacturing company serving diverse industries.  We produce custom plastic injection molding, urethane foam molding, and value added assembly.



Whether you are a school student, university student, or career starter, we offer opportunities to work creatively and independently and help shape the future of mobility.


We are a leader in the metal formed products industry and produce a myriad of different items such as high-quality springs, stampings, wire forms, and assemblies.

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